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Incursion - the forces of darkness begin to invade, to stop their attacks, and let them go do their dirty work is required. where enemies along the way already towards the barracks, you can train troops. All soldiers and then killed with the health unit level, after a while, coming fresh instead. His motto with infantry, archer and mage - There are three basic types of military incursions "Time -. Mana" Kern is not very strong, but it can to prevent the passage of time. Archers attack flying enemies and only remote fire. Magee to slow the enemy's movement speed and reduces the attack speed. And soldiers could be moved to where it is most needed, to select a team and attack or need a place to patrol. Place three types of different types of troops and to each club can use any combination. But, not to mix with the rest of the infantry as a platoon sent to attack with archers and wizards do not work well is a good melee. light, heavy or magic - Every soldier has the same type of protection and type of attack. Not very useful and effective against light armor against the Magic defense with a slight attack Archers. Light armor and powerful against the weak against the powerful sword. Wizards more heavily armored and less magical damage. Crusaders pumped into the infantry, then as a ninja or war hammer, Swordsmen. Archers, then they'd grow archers fire arrows into the hands and then the mortar. magician and master craftsmen then becomes. troops can increase the use of all types of properties acquired or star general to pump parameters. Foreigners, arrows or lightning, attacking the soldiers attending and slows or stops - have garrison to support several kinds of magic. In addition, certain levels of enemies are friendly creatures like tentacles drifting away in the swamp. light and heavy forces, magicians, among the gargoyles and other vermin enemies. little things for men is very colorful and thought-out game in defense, enemies and spells includes an encyclopedia. Kingdom with a famous siege finish this similarity in sound and kingdoms soldier does not even sound like the commotion. But it will now stop when the game is very high quality and dominant
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